Finding the good in the bad

We all have that attraction to bad things

I simply it

And just call it poverty

Because that’s what it leads to

But the question is why?

Why are we attracted to bad things and desire to do what is right compared to what’s wrong?

My belief is that we are seeking to discover the good within something bad because it’s extremely rewarding.

It’s like asking someone who eats sunflower seeds.

Why don’t you just buy the pack of sunflowers without shells on it, that way you don’t have to remove it.

The experience to get to the seed is far more rewarding when you have to work for it, splitting open the shell to get to the nut.

The process/journey is just as important as the goal/destination if not more.

What’s good need not be worked on but simply sustained there’s a level of space/sanctity you offer to that which is good.

A sign of a finished painting is when the artist stops working on it and they let it rest and dry for their work is completed.

When Jesus did a finished work on the cross. There was space given to acknowledge that. The sabbath/ the seventh day, to reflect on the completed work of Christ.

If you look in the Bible you’ll see how Christ worked on the Sabbath, because his work was not finished.

Once Christ left, he left saying ”It is finished” and when to glory and sent the comforter/holy spirit to dwell with us.

So we may be joined to him as sons of God and he will remember our sins no more.

Jesus died so we can live.

And we must die so that Christ can live within us.

And he will reign as king.

As Paul said “I die daily.”

Just as the sun descends in the sky so must we into the earth and we will rise from the earth like the sun does every morning.

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