My dream relating to Judas Didymos Thomas

The Gnostics called Thomas the Twin Brother of Jesus. It turns out that this is also a metaphor for the soul and spirit. The secret information that is hidden in the Gospel in coded form is how the soul and spirit must become one in a special divine marriage to prevent the second death from occurring. The similies of marriage, female into male, and two into one, are coded messages about the secret to eternal life.


This dream I had was

About a twin brother I had

That was evil

But it wasn’t my twin

But I had two brothers

That were twins

One was good, one was evil

Yet our mother would punish us all the same

Regardless of who was at fault

It became apparent when our twin brother wasn’t around we wouldn’t get into mischievous acts.

Here’s the deeper meaning I grasped from it

(I also had a dream about my mother not wanting to take a picture for my brother’s girlfriend, now fiancé as she poses anticipatingly while my mother insisted on taking a picture of my brother instead)

The Twins references to Jesus and Thomas, but also to the believers.

The evil Twin in my dream just did alot of wicked stuff even to the point of bullying his twin and sabotaging his brothers.

But I grasped a deeper meaning of how we all have a twin in us. The one who God saves and one who perishes. As the quote above speaks about the spirit and the soul being twins, it resonate with my dream.

I imagine there’s a twin we love and can literally see ourselves in, yet we are different but one.

At the end of my dream there was this moment where I was singing to Jesus about him. Where I was under the cross but it was magnified where cross was about 30ft or so.

Also I saw the dream like we are Jesus’s twin as believers and like Thomas we have doubt at times. Another way of perceiving it is that we all have twins within one good and one evil we are all internally divided and we like the mother want to treat, love and reward our children equally but one is greater than the other.

It happens that way where twins can grow up in the same environment yet develops into different people and take different pathes in life.

Also the Twins could be taken as we have a self that we see ourselves as and how God sees us and (to go a little deeper) the world is our twin/reflections that we can see ourselves through but lack Christ.

I have an older brother we are less than 2 years apart, I was born is 96 and he was born in 95 it varies throughout the year whether we are 1 or 2 years apart.

My brother jokes that we are twins, because of our age and some our facial characteristics which we share. Growing up right behind him we even share some mannerisms due me patterning myself like him, some consciously some unconsciously.

I can recall a point in our lives where I still wanted to play with toys, play hide and seek, tag and other games but he didn’t. It was only a sign of what was to come of us seeing the world differently and how we chose to feel about issues.

My brother was a believer at one point just like I and we would go to church with our father but when my brother left to go to college he left his faith behind. It was like removing clothes. He shown an interest in Buddhism but never was a true convert to Christianity.

After having a long talk on my brother’s balcony late at night it became apparent to me that we weren’t one of the same. I went deeper into my faith journey and he has fallen away from it. If it was a matter of him realizing he was slipping away from the faith and needed support, I was there for him.

I never could understood at the time why my oldest brother (who grew up with us on mother side) didn’t feel compelled to encourage and bring him back into faith. That to me was the Christian thing to do considering me and him were both Christians.

I prayed for my older brother and talked with him and I remember telling him on the balcony that my true brothers and sisters are those who do the will of God. I could see a little welling up in his eyes when I said that.

It reminded me of how important a relationship with God is and there is no substitutes for it.

My brother invited me to come stay with him near his campus and I remember spending the night with him for a few days and he offered for me to smoke and drink with him. Instead of respecting my boundaries he insisted as he later apologized about it. It stuck with me that he always been a bad influence for me.

Even as a pre-teen introducing me to porn as we would spend late nights watching it and he would eventually go to the bathroom and once he come back he didn’t want to watch it no more and was tired.

I wanted to keep watching and often times leaving me by myself watching it after a few clicks I was done. I didn’t know about masterbation until later; I just watched with lustful eyes.

At times I wished he wouldn’t have shown me it, because I later became addicted to it. Even now I still struggle with it, I know with God I can overcome anything.

I think I will leave it here I wasn’t intending to talk about my brother but whatever I think we all know someone in ours lives who doubts just like Thomas and won’t believe something until they see it with their very eyes and touch the fire to know that it’s hot but it may be a little too late.

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