Surrender unto God what belongs to him

If you don’t acknowledge my presence

Then don’t acknowledge my absence

If you pay no regard for my good deeds

then pay no regard for my bad ones either

I will no longer serve you

I will no longer labor for your wages

For that which belongs to me

you cannot pay

you don’t possess.

Where are they who labor among you

who can claim to be free?

where are their reward?

Where are their child who will inherit their possession?

will the slaves of previous generations remain in poverty?

What will you do when the home which you live in will house your wickedness no more?

Or the children cherishes not the cares of this world

or the people laborth not for the things of the world

or the poor among you stops seeking the favor of the people

and become thieves

and the people hate their existence

and choose drugs

to escape their reality

than to face it

i.e the moon, the stars

will you also drug yourself

to escape your inescapable fate

delay the pain

for another day

remaining still

hoping that your oppressor

may not identify you amongst the trees

firmly planted in the thick of the woods

Yet not one was seen

even the dogs couldn’t smell them

for they masked their scent with

the fragrances of nature

Only God knows

how long they stayed their

hoping to not be seen

praying that he’ll deliver them from the

oppressors hands

He heard their cry from out of the wilderness

the crackling of the whip

like wood in the fire

the burning of their flesh

the peeling of their skin

the wounds that wouldn’t heal

that was left as a reminder

for all to see

that it was better to be beaten by the heat of the sun

that rebel against your master

that you will be broken

you will be tamed and trained

to obey your master

first by a stick

then by the words that flow through the mouth like rivers

Lord your word is like waters

that replenishes the earth

and restores every living thing

life unto life

in the winter

the trees bear no fruit

and the fields yields nothing

yet the people survives by what was stored up

and preserved

the fields that was once plentiful

now are barren

When the sun come

he’ll bring everything back to life

Everything goes eventually

and everything that has life follows the sun

and praises it

for he gives life to the whole world.

People come together to warm up one another

in the cold winter night

the warmth of kind words

the warmth of generosity

the warmth of compassion

the warmth of the love of others

can bring us through this winter season

when we let our light shine from within

be that beacon of light

a lighthouse

when the seas are cruel

Children if the world rejects you be grateful

for they reject Christ also

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