God made me for his pleasure

Sometimes I wonder

Why I am the way that I am?

God make certain things

Odd and obscure

I never felt understood

I spent alot of my life trying to understand others

Because if you struggle with knowing yourself/loving yourself

You find yourself with other people

There is something within us all

That drives us here and there

And to simply be honest with yourself

And admit

I’m am not who I am

I’m not who I am

I’m not who I said I am

Nor think I am

Nor feel I am

If you view the world lying on your back the whole world is different

Nothing is the same


This world is a huge lie

Don’t get me wrong

It’s real


We realized it

But there is a world/reality that is even more real than this world

That’s the problem

It’s real

But only as real as you make it

It’s more truer to say nothing is real

Than to say this or that is real if it pertains to this world.

This world is full of lies

And it begins with the lies

That is told to us

The lies we tell others

The lies we believe in

The lies we don’t even verify

The lies we love

In math there is a rule where

A has to exist in order for C to exist

But B exist on its on.

C isnt the constant

If A+B=C

Then C will change based off of A & B

Now this is where are getting into variables and stuff.

Nothing is really real

Everything is changing

Becoming more of itself

But who am I?

Mabye I’ll rejoice or morun at the thought of this but I must know who am I?

Send me 3 men with a healthy heart and smile

And I’ll tell you

That’s who you are

Send me 3 men with a retched smell and a heavy heart

I’ll say that’s who you are

Deliver the boy who yell to dungeon so that he’ll be quiet

And the quiet one, so that he may speak

For all matter of doing is vain

All we are is becoming more of what we are

And preserving what little we have of it.

Sir your daughter is on fire

Must I piss on her to put out the fire

The man said “No, take her to the well where she may not burn”

The servant took her to the well

And the girl ran with the servant to the well and she began to be drenched in the water from the well.

All her clothes burned and she was naked

The servant said “madem are you OK?”

She said “I have no idea what happened, but I am slightly burned”

The servant said “You must put some clothes on before your father sees you”

The women saw her clothes burnt in the fire and she said “My father gave me that garment, he’ll be upset to see them burned”

The servant said “woman, better the clothes than you. Now come we must find you some clothes lest your father sees you”

The woman follows the servant and before she reach her home, three white robe men on a horse saw her naked and one of the horseman said “women why are you naked?, find some clothes lest your father sees you and be made mad”

The woman seems as though she was not familiar with the men she said “why must my father not see me naked? My clothes are no longer good and my body has been burned, give me your robe till I enter my home.”

One the horseman said “my robe has no value to you, you must go and seek clothes for a woman ask some men of your household abd see if they’ll deliver you new clothing, my robe is for men of honor.”

She said “my father is a man of honor, clothe me let’s he be displeased”

The man said “who is your father?”

The servant quickly became antsy and hurried the woman along and the men saw where she was burned and said “let’s follow her and see who her father is”

The other men agrees and came

The servant saw that they were not leaving them and he said “let us go to the river and wait for them to leave us”

And eventually the men went away once they saw them waiting by the river.

Then a young boy carrying a bucket saw the woman at the river and began making calls for his mother to come.

Once his mother came he said “look she is naked?” His mother took the boy away from the river and told him to stay away from her and the boy started to wonder if she was single and if she was a virgin.

The woman began to see her father walk in the mist of the garden near the river and she began to cover her self in water in awareness of how naked she was and that she could be seen and she didn’t want her father to see her naked and that was the only thing that she had in mind.

Her father raise up an axe and chopped a tree and once the tree fell he saw his daughter in the mist of the calm river

And he yell “My daughter come now, out of the water!”

His daughter was afraid, because she didn’t want her father to see her naked and she began going deeper and deeper into the water leaving the shallow side of the river.

Then the servant began pleading with her to come out the water.

Her head began to sink deeper and deeper into the water until she was completely emerged.

The father saw and command the servant to go down into the water and deliver her.

The servant ran into the water grabbing her body and pulled her out the river.

She was crying as she saw her father standing above her and said “Father I am naked it’s wrong for you to see me this way, bring me some clothes”

And the father said “my child, the moon shineth and is clothed in the light of the sun and you don’t question it, and ask ‘why is it naked?’ ”

He then told the servant to take her home and put on her his white robe.

The servant did what he said and he came to his master and said unto him” master your daughter is clothed” He looked at her and said “Good, now sent me a little bit of a unclean cup of river water”

The servant did and gave unto his master and master took the cup show his daughter and said “this is your body if I take this the cup and pour out it out, the water will return back unto the earth regardless of what the cup looks like, you are my daughter, clothed in my white robe or naked, I will received you. Because what is inside you came from the beginning of the world and the world is not ashamed of you to be naked in a grave unless you’re dead or a good thing to be naked in a river lest you live.”

The father continued” If you removed my robe, then you can see that it is a measure of the one whose wearing it and posseses it, you know the value of that robe you wear made by man but not the one you wear that’s made by God, lest he reveals it to you thru a man. Now give me my robe”

His daughter removes the robe and gives it to her father. The father takes the unclean water and pours it on the robe. Then he said, “Now, set this robe on fire it is now unclean and destroy it. I’ll make a new one that and will be incorruptible that can not be deflied nor burned.”

The servant did has he was told.

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