Dec. 18, 2019

Peace and shalom

Be grateful for every moment

I pray that God’s grace does a finish work in you

and that you may not be deceived by the woo of the world

but be convicted by the will of God in your hearts.

Let all men see that his shadow is for a moment

and the sun is here then goes down to sheol

and the hereafter is now

blessed be the men who walk and do not get weary

for God is with him

and walks with him

those that walk in his word and will.

“And some men are preaching The Messiah out of envy and contention, and some in good will and in love, Because they know that I am appointed to defend The Gospel. 17 But those who preach The Messiah by contention, insincerely, only hope to add suffering to my imprisonment. 18 And in this I have rejoiced and do rejoice, that in every way, if in pretense or in the truth, The Messiah will be preached.” – Philippians 1:15-18

As long as Christ is being preached that’s all that matters

As long as his name is being lifted up

that’s all that matter

I’m  not here to judge any man of his work

Nor to convince a man that Christ is the true light

But to feed those who hunger for God

and desireth to know his goodwill for his people

That’s all

Who is they that hunger and thirst for God

let them come for they shall be feed

We are here to do the will of God

in the absent of Christ IN THE WORLD

But he is ever so present in the hearts of those who love him

Let us not be fool to believe

that the rulers and the prince of this world

as no one above them

who cast them down

Let us not be fool by the words of the wicked one

and the deed of the unrighteous

for the devil was a liar from the beginning

who plays upon the strings of your heart

bring destitution to those that heed an hear

Let us run bold to the kingdom to the throne of God

Let us pursue what is right in his eyes and take heed

to every word that comes out of his mouth

For what he says is true

and the world knew him not

for did not have the truth in them

Heavenly Father

deliver us from evil

from the wicked one

I pray we will walk in your light

I pray we may become like you Father

and love what is right

and hating what is evil

storing our treasure in heaven

not in this world

Bring sight to the blind

and healing the sick among us

I pray that you heal the hearts of men who

has been wounded and afflicted by the world

I pray that you bestow grace for faith

and mercy for the little ones

who may be slow of learning

Give us this day our daily bread

and you be our only sustenance

Only you can make us whole

Lord I pray for forgiveness

For we have sought after unclean things

in our ignorance of you

we have loved what is wicked

we have pervert the truth

and made what is right

wrong and what is wrong right.

Thank you for sending your son Jesus the Word, The light of the world, the redeemer.

Who knew no sin

but became sin

so that we can become righteous

not righteous

but right in your eyes

I pray that the humble be bold

and seek you

Thank you Father for all that you have done

For freeing that captives


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