Bible hub notes Hebrew Meaning

Shelumiel: “peace of God”, a Simeonite
Shelemyah or shelemyahu: “friend of Yah,” the name of several Israelites
shalmon: a reward, bribe
Sheleph: “drawn out,” a son of Joktan
salaq: to kindle, burn
shalash: to do a third time, divide into three parts
shilshowm/ shilshom : time, three days ago, day before, yesterday.
sham: there, thither
shem/shum: a name
semovl or semol: the left
semali: left, on the left
shamad/shemad: to be exterminated or destroyed
shmad: consume
shammah: waste, horror
Shemuel: “name of God,” a prophet of Isr.
shemuah: a report
samach: rejoice, be glad
shamat: to let drop
Shemida: “name of knowing,” a man of Manasseh
shamayim: heaven, sky
shemini: eighth (an ordinal number)
shamir: a thorn, adamant, flint
shamen: to grow fat
shemen: fat, oil
shemonim: an eighty
shama: to hear
Shema: a sound/a hearing, report
Shemayah or Shemayahu: “Yah hears,” the name of a number of Isr.
shemets: a whisper
shamar: to keep, watch, preserve
shimmur: a watching, vigil
shomrah: a guard, watch
shemurah: eyelid
Shemaryah or Shemaryahu: “Yah has kept,”
shemash: to minister
shemesh: sun
shen: tooth, ivory
sane: to hate
shana or shanah: to change
shanah: to repeat, do again
shenah: sleep
shenah: a year
shani: scarlet
sheni: second (an ordinal number)
shenayim or shettayim: two (a cardinal number)
sheninah: a sharp (cutting) word, taunt
shanan: to whet, sharpen
shasah: to spoil, plunder
shasa: to divide, cleave
shaah: to gaze
shaah: a brief time, moment
sa’iyr/sair: devil/ hairy/ male goat, buck/ rain/ demon
shoal: hollow hand, handful
shaan: to lean, support oneself
sha’a’: stare
shaa: to sport, take delight in, delight
sa’ar: afraid/ to sweep or whirl away
shaar: to calculate, reckon
sear: hair
shaar: a gate
shaar: a measure
shoar: horrid, disgusting
seorah: barley
Shearyah: perhaps “gate of Yah,”
shaashuim: a delight
saphah: lip, speech, edge
Shepho: “bareness,” an Edomite
shephot: judgment, act of judgment
Shephupham: “serpent-like,” a Benjamite
shiphchah: maid, maidservant
shaphat: to judge, govern
Shephatyah or Shephatyahu: “Yah has judged,”
shephi: bareness, a smooth or bare height
shephiphon: horned viper
shappir: fair, beautiful
shaphak: to pour out, pour
shophkah: male organ
shaphel: to be or become low, to be abased
shiphah: abundance, quantity
shaphar: goodly
shaphath: to set (on the fire)
shetseph: little
shaqad: to watch, wake
shaqed: almond (tree)
shaqah: cause to drink water, give to drink
shaqat: to be quiet or undisturbed
sheqets: detestation, detestable thing
sar: chieftain, chief, ruler, official, captain, prince
shor: umbilical cord
shera: to loosen, abide
Sherebeyah: “Yah has sent burning heat,”
sarah: to persist, exert oneself, persevere/ princess, noble lady
seret or sareteth: incision
Saray: a wife of Abram
sarid: a survivor
shiryon or shiryan: body armor
Serayah or Serayahu: “Yah persists,”
sharir: sinew, muscle
sheriruth: firmness, stubbornness
sara: to extend
sarappim: disquieting thoughts
saraph: to burn
saraph: serpent
Saraph: “burning,”
sarar: to be or act as prince, rule
sharar: enemy
sharash: to deal with the roots
shoresh: a root
sharath: to minister, serve
shesh: six
Sheshbatstsar: a prince of Judah
sason: exultation, rejoicing
shishshim: sixty
Sheshan: a man of Judah
shasher: red color, vermilion
shethi: warp
shittin: sixty
shathal: to transplant
shatham: open
shathan: to urinate
shathaq: to be quiet
ta: a chamber
taavah: a desire
taom: twins
taam: to be double
teenah: fig tree
ta’anah: tree
taar: probably to incline/ to draw in outline, trace out
toar: outline, form
tebah: a box, chest
tebuah: product, revenue
tebunah: an understanding
tebel: world
teben: straw
tabnith: construction, pattern, figure
tohu: formlessness, confusion, unreality, emptiness
tehom: deep, sea, abyss
tehillah: praise, song of praise
tahpukah: perversity, perverse thing
tav: a mark/ frowardness
tub: to return
tugah: grief
todah: thanksgiving
tocheleth: a hope
tavek: midst
towkechah: among/ rebuke, correction
toledoth: generations
tola: worm, scarlet stuff
toebah: abomination
toaphah: eminence
totsaah: an outgoing, extremity, perhaps source, escape
tur: to seek out, spy out, explore
tor: turtledove
tor: a bullock
torah: direction, instruction, law
toshab: a sojourner
tushiyyah: sound, efficient wisdom, abiding success
taznuth: fornication
tachbulah: direction, counsel
techoth: under
techillah: a beginning
tachalu: disease
techinnah: favor, supplication for favor
tachanun: supplication for favor
tachash: perhaps porpoise (a kind of leather or skin)
tachath: underneath, below, instead of
tikon: middle
tirosh: must, fresh or new wine
Tireya: a man of Judah
taklith: end, completeness
tekeleth: violet, violet thread
takan: to regulate, measure, estimate
tel: a mound
telaah: weariness, hardship
talah: to hang
tluwnah: murmuring
telithay: third
telem: a furrow
telath or telathah: three
tlathiyn: thirty
tam: complete
tom: completeness, integrity, also part of the high priest’s breastplate
tummah: integrity
temol: yesterday, recently, formerly
temunah: likeness, form
temurah: exchange, recompense
tamid: continuity
tamim: complete, sound
tamak: to grasp, support, attain
tamam: to be complete or finished
Timnah: “territory,” two cities in Judah
tamar: palm tree, date palm
timorah: palm (tree) figure
tamrur: bitterness
tenubah: fruit, produce
tenuk: tip or lobe (of the ear)
tenumah: slumber
tenuphah: a swinging, waving, wave offering, offering
tannur: (portable) stove, firepot
tanchum: consolation
tannin: serpent, dragon, sea monster
taab: to abhor
taah: to err
taalumah: a hidden thing, secret
taanug: daintiness, luxury, exquisite delight
ta’a’: deceive
taatsumah: might
taar: a razor, sheath
toph: a timbrel, tambourine
tipharah: beauty, glory
tephillah: prayer
taphar: to sew together
taphas: to lay hold of, wield
tiqvah: cord
taqqiph: strong, mighty
taqan: to become straight
taqa: to thrust, clap, give a blow, blast
taqeph: to prevail over, overpower
toqeph: power, strength, energy
tarbith: increment, interest, usury
tardemah: deep sleep
terumah: contribution, offering (for sacred uses)
teruah: a shout or blast of war, alarm, or joy
tormah: deceit
teshuah: deliverance, salvation
teshii: ninth (an ordinal number)
tesha or tishah: a nine
tishim: ninety

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