December 15, Sunday I woke today with this message.

Love is looking for you
If you dwell in hatred
It will not find you
If you dwell in envy or greed
It will not find you
If you dwell in strife and destructive acts
It will not find you
If you favor lies over truth
It will not find you
If you love what is evil above what is good
It will not find you
If you dwell in lust and sexual immorality
It will not find you
If you dwell in resentment and indifference
It will not find you
You better hope love doesn’t find you because if it sees you, it will reject you
Because it doesn’t see itself in you
Love looks within you and says
Where am I?
If love knew you
It would have received you as itself
But love did not receive you
Love said “depart from me
workers of iniquity, I do not know you”
Love seeks it self
If you believe you found love in those things you have been mistaken
If you truly are love
The greatest thing you could seek is
Knowledge of self
To know thyself
To know love
All synonymous
Love is Christ
Resting in knowing the truth
And your sleep shall be peaceful
If you rest in lies
You will have a rude awakening
Rest know God is love
To say you don’t know him is to say
You don’t know love
to say you don’t know love
Is to say you don’t know yourself
To say you don’t know yourself
Is to say you know God

I desire for all men to know God
But they have rejected him
In their hearts
The place that Christ desireth
To be king and rein
If God is love
To reject God is to reject love
And in your heart their is no love
Because God is not there
The light shineth forth and the darkness did not over take the light
But the light overcame the darkness

Truly Truly, we love God because he first loved us, but if God rejects you it’s because we first rejected him.

Who is God?
Whom among you is able to decipher his sayings
Where God dwelling place?
Why has God hidden himself from me?

Nobody knows God except the sun
Who is the light of the world who know God’s secret place.

People say
why would God allow the innocent to die?
Christ was innocent
Yet his father allow him to die on the cross
are you say those people are better than Christ?
That they shall not suffer and die?
When you know what is worth dying for
then you know what is worth living for
If you choose to live for Christ shall also die with him
and be resurrected with him.
“Lo and behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”
The world knew him not
The world reject him
They were not worthy of him
They are those who will receive him and to them they shall receive eternal life
and those who don’t eternal strife
Just chose to dwell with those who were low
those who were reject for
he was rejected also
God loves the sinner but hate the sin
for the sinner he did create
but the sins are not of him.
But if ye love the sins more than the God
God will let you loose over to the reprobate mind

Some know their sins are many and dwell on the outskirts of the temple
making sacrifices continually
instead of cutting off and forsaking the evil deeds
and cleaving on to God
they rather sacrifice a portion of their belongs
that to cut it from roots so that it shall bear no more fruit
Christ knows what is within a man
you can’t deceive him
you can’t put a veil over his eyes
and believe that he don’t know the deeds that are done
outside the temple
don’t not be fool
God knows you better than you know yourself
For in a marriage the veil is over the bride eyes not the bridegroom
The bridegroom may not be able to see the bride
but the bride cannot see herself
nor the bridegroom.

Love is not the problem
don’t not turn away or reject love
Love isn’t the problem
the problem is a lack their of.

Love what is right and forsake evil.

Christ desireth to leave this world
He knew this world was not his home
nor kingdom
so he left
to return again
will you wait for his return?

Wait, wait I say on the Lord.

Thank you all who may read this today on this Sunday I wish for you all to be mindful of God in all your doings and goings.
Peace unto you.

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