December 11, 2019

“Elevate your mind with me
stay in the skies with me
cause down there
ain’t nobody trying to think
everybody wanna be set free
Where there is love there’s us
and where there’s us
there is possibilities
Everybody wanna be set free
Because where there’s love there’s us
and where there’s us there is possibilities”

I’m pretty confident I am in the worst financial shape I’ve been all year
I am not too concern because there is nothing that I have that I am not willing to lose. Simply put, I cannot follow this lifestyle of laboring for the things that are temporal. There is a greater labor for the Lord that has not been tilled. This is the winter season where many are asleep and it’s cold and bitter for those who are awake.
Those who are awake desireth much to sleep.
The cold weather draws me nearer to sleep
but I must stay awake otherwise I’ll miss the boat.
and I can’t afford to do that.
I must sacrifice everything
so that if a thief were to come
they’ll see that I have nothing
There for I will not be robbed.
I empty myself out before God.
The poverty of having nothing is nothing
compared to the death of losing God.
I’ll be nothing so God can be everything
God is my source.
Without him I am already nothing.
That which I fear is already here.
Better if I faced my fears
that to let my fears destroy me from within

I am glad and joyful
God has choose me to be here
I wanna make a shirt that says
“happy to be here”
This is the day the lord has made and I shall be glad in it.
Let us rejoiced.

I feel I am burden with the truth that weights deeply on my heart
that the joy that I once had as a kid have faded
many a days
I wonder where have my smile gone
far from me it seems
and I went to find it
It’s like an old friend
that I have once known
but know no more.
Though I seek to be joyful
the work is much
And I find a great need to take every moment to teach
to show sadness and happiness or a lack their of,
to be joyful from within
to be content with having nothing
Nothing is my portion

Truly to die is nothing
To live is everything
Those who live weep not
For death is just that which we know returning unto itself
ask yourself where was I before I was born
In the bosom of the father
Let not your heart be heavy lad
for the father will give you rest
I wonder and ponder upon my life
but my life is truly nothing
nothing if anything
why would I want to be anywhere that God is not
Or be known openly
where God is known to those who has entered into his hidden place
why would I want to find life
In a world where Christ found death
Why would I want to loved by those who hated God
Or praise by those who condemned the righteous
or neglect the poor
or deceive those who know not
Its better to be crucified with Christ
than to partakes in evil
All things are in the father’s hands
what therefore shall I seek from this world
that my father don’t already possess
cast your cares upon the father
and he will fill your net
turn away from evildoers
and God will guide you in all matter of speech and doing.
Love what is right
Forsake what is unholy
For God knows the heart of a man
for he is the creator of the Good and the Evil
“But pray that your escape will not be in winter,
neither on the Sabbath.
For then there will be great suffering, which has not been from the beginning of the world even until now, neither will be.” – Matthew 24:21
Seek God first
Thank you Lord for all that you have done
for giving your son in my place
Where he is their I shall be also
Let us walk in
your word
your will
and your way
Let rejoice at the coming of the Lord and savior Jesus Christ
For he has not forgotten us
and his love and mercy endureth forever
Thank you God for bring your light to this world
for bring your son down from heaven to the earth
shining a light upon this world
Let your kingdom come
Let your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Wash me clean of my sins
make me whole
bring me into you wondrous light
Thank you God
For you fill my cup overflowing
In my ignorance I seek to know you
In the light that shows me my sins
All the wickedness that is revealed from within
I pray that you’ll remember my sins no more
and when I see you
I’ll forget about myself
To know you
the true light
I pray my heart be filled with joy not sorrow
for it’s by your grace that we are here
Let not your wraith be turned towards me
Or consume in your angry
Lord I know you as loving, merciful, kind and patience.
let Christ be before
For you are my place of refuge
you are my protect.
You knew me before I was even born
I pray In Jesus mighty name

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