Dec 5, 2019

I been start to write poems again. Here is one of them I wrote today.
Its undone and unorganized but I needed to get this out.

The heaviest stones makes the strongest impression
At the bottom of the sea
And you heavy footed hoes made a beach up out of me
I really wouldn’t mind if you abandoned
The deepest parts of the oceans are among the loneliest parts of the sea
The darkest parts of the sea are the deepest it seems
Where I go it goes
That’s the shadow in me
I come from Jungle where people rumble for fun that’s the Chicago in me
The screen door could never sunblock
The violence rays that was committed on my block when the sun was hot
It was summer time slaughtered
Families grab your daughters
When your son comes up he becomes a murder or martyr
Guilty by association karma
Who the sunsets free is free indeed never helped me get a job
Momma told her you never leave a good man or a good job no matter how bad it is
Now she employed and single
Its easier to come by money
Than to come by love
It’s easier to find a check
Than to find someone who checks on you
She said spend those checks on me
You ain’t got to check on me
As long as Jesus can bless on me
She got a fully belly hoping that her and her kid won’t starve
She’ll keep his kid because she can’t keep that man
She can’t garnish his wages
But the government can
Imagine Eve and the devil teamed up to destroy Adam
Adam loved his wife more than he loved his life
If he had the love of God and the love of Christ
He could have saved his life
And his wife
She fell in love with the pipe
The last guy she said he wasn’t doing it right
No bond
No connection
She so phony
That’s probably why she ain’t getting no reception
As long as she bodied you there should be food afterwards but this time where was no reception
She said I’ll let you see my body naked if you show me where that snake is
The snake was in the middle of the garden
Just like the penis is in the middle of the body
God is the center of the heart of the man
That man possess a seed of something that she can’t harvest
“Therefore he who plants is nothing, neither is he who waters anything, but God who gives growth.” – 1 Corinthians 3:7
And the laborers are few

And eventually them tears dry up
And our sober mind finds us

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