All things exist simultaneously
THE Good, The bad, The Ugly.
Its unto God what manifest
The disease and the cure.
All exist together
Hibernating within you
and it awakens when you activate it.
Realize with your real eyes
What’s inside your mind
Is the substance of what all things are created from:
Your imagination
Think about all the things that’s been made so because of your imagination.
One may say that what you imagine isn’t real
Truly ask a child what is real?
They may name a list of things that you may say
Isn’t real but to them it is.
It becomes real thru realization
What you see you “behold”
Be-hold (Be) to be (hold) possess
What you behold is what you possess
To “observe”
(ob) similar to the words obsorb, obtain, obey. From these word you can see (ob) can mean: “to be in subjection to”
(serve) to work for, to deliver, to provide.
Observe something is to have a level of subordinates, but also possess authority.
The king observe the people
The people observe the laws
(ob) to be in subjection to
The king is subjected to the people
The people are subjected to the law
(serve) to work for, to deliver, to provide.
The importance of observing is the relationship between the observer and what is beening observed.
The sun observes all as the planets rotates around it.
The sunlight is present in as arms stretched to the earth (to provide) light to the world and the living things of the earth are here (to obsorb) the light and those living thing are meant (to obey) the will of the sun lest it dies.
The word was sent (to serve)
Yeshua the sun of the living God
Was sent to fulfill the duties of his heavenly father and deliver himself as a sacrifice to provide for all the gift of eternal life.
John says “behold the son of the living God who takes away the sins of the world” – John 1:29
Behold the sun
Who is fire
Who purifties
The unclean
Just and righteousness
Merciful king
Jesus saw that the people of the world loves their sins more than they love him
“Behold” to become like and take hold

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