We all need a little bit of chaos
An artist paints with wet and fluid paint
And need that paint to be that way, because he can’t paint with dried paint.
When the artist let’s the paints dry it’s a sign of completion, that the arts is content with the paint as it is. If the paint stays still it drys and hardeneds.
Stay in motion
Stay fluid
Don’t become dry
Or the artist can’t use you no more.
Ask yours this question.
Am I complete, Am I whole within myself?
So I let myself dry up and dye or be fluid and stay in motion?
Is God done with me, complete with me?
Jesus hung on the cross like a finished painting to dry and he said “It is finished”
For his work was done and completed
All praise be to God.
Let love be love
And God mercy that endurth forever will never drys up
God will never turn cold because he is the sun
Let it be known from ever rooftop.
HALLELUJAH ALL PRAISES IS DUE TO God who is the highest.

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