One last peace of wisdom since I see we disagree about things.
“It’s not you vs me, it’s us vs the problem”
The problem is not wht supremacist, the problem is blk ignorance.
It’s bigger than a gender or a race issue, it’s a spiritual issue and a lack morality which sow the seeds of corruption.

One last gem of wisdom my love, hatred is like drinking poison hoping the other person dies. Even if wht ppl were to give you reperations or whatever, it still doesn’t resolve the hatred in you.

“hate can’t cast out, hate only love can do that”
You become like who you hate.

Are you a hater?
Are you a narrssist?
You should fear blk men, not just the ones who beat you and mistreat you.

But the one’s who love you.

I believe in blk unity but I also believe in blk spirituality which unified us. Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom otherwise your just wise in your own eyes.

I know blaming wht people vindicates you, but true freedom comes from taking ownership and accountability for your actions. PERIOD. Don’t just emotionalize what I’m telling you, hear me out. You can’t separate freedom and responsibility. Or you can spend your life blaming wht ppl, holding them responsible, waiting on wht daddy to offer a solution. MY BLK SISTA QUEEN.

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