I say this as a man who lived and died. Fear not death, for man who lies down desireth to sleep and when he awakes his body still craves rest.

Death is not your enemy, for we war not against flesh and blood but wickedness in high places. God remembers the souls that have lost their life. For God created them and all things return back unto the creator.

I say this to you, let not your soul rest among the dead for ye shall be like them, Jesus lives.

God says “See now that I myself am he! There is no God besides me. I put to death and I bring to life, I have wounded and I will heal, and no one can deliver out of my hand.” – Deuteronomy 32:39

GOD’S judgement is righteous and let not the wicked among you decieve you. For his mercy endurth forever.

They are captives to sin and death is their neighbor and they seek to deliver everyman unto death. Hearken your ear not unto those who speak from the evil conjuring up in their heart.

They are liking unto a man who left their home and journeyed out to destroy someone else home and has fell into a pit with stolen posessions. Yelling at every passerby that if they were to deliver them, they will share a great treasure with them.

Ye they are liars and workers of iniquity. Let yourself not joined unto them. For a man who speakth much heart is greatly troubled and has transgressed againsted himself. Let not you exchange your portion for his. For his enemies are those who accompany him.

Be not likened unto your enemies for all things seeks itself. Resist the devil and he shall flee from. Let not your heart be hardened for a seed perish on tuff soil, but softened your hearts to the word of God and his word will produce a great harvest and turn a man from being likened unto a bent tree that’s weak and feble and made tall, strong and great.

God made us gentle for he is gentle. He made us seekers of truth for he is the truth. An example of a what he is like. They say “where is your God, so we can worship him and honor him?” Jesus said “I am he” They took him and place him in bondage. For God must be held responsible for all that he has done to this world.

He sent out his word to feed his people, to provide light unto the world but they were not hunger.

A parent who child refuses to eat and the child says that their content consuming candy. Eventually the child will grow hungry and that child won’t find nourishment in solely eating candy. All the love that a parent give is needed for that child. A child will cause grieve upon themselves for not feeling loved and if they lived to see another day, they’ll cause grieve upon the world.

They couldn’t believe that God made himself likened unto a man to perish. No king makes himself likened unto a peasant to be spat unto by peasants.

No man can save you from drowning by joining you in the water nor save you from burning by joining you in the fire except for Jesus.

He died for the sins of the world. Instead of pulling us to where he is, he came to where we are. Because he is all.

If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.” – Psalms 139:8

GOD IS all in all and no one can have life without him.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Breath is spirit, God is spirit. Let all that worship him, worship him in spirit and in truth. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord God almighty. Rejoice in his name.

The word spirit has 2 eyes, the head has 2 eyes. 2 eyes but 1 head. That which we have one of carries a great deal of significance. That which we have 2 of serve us in this world, but that which we have one of serves God who is one. One heart, one mind, one body. That which is one has multiple parts. Look at ours noses with two nostrils. They are two parts that work as one, similar to the eyes that can see 2 things as one. Each eye perceives differently but the vision is one.

Trouble ensues when one becomes doubled minded, doubled hearted, and double talks.

You and your brother are one, though it seems as you are separated truly you are one. One of the same. With God we are one for Jesus is the bind of the universe. Jesus made himself likened unto everyman but unlike every man. They hated him for they knew him not, for if they known the father they claim to worship, they’ll know the son who is worthy of all the praise. HALLELUJAH IN JESUS NAME the resurrected man of God. Who name excceds all names who is powerful and mighty.

Will God reward a righteous man with an unrighteous man lot?

Will God prevent the wicked from being made clean?

Or cast the righteous out?

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