It’s sad to live in this world where
God is not first
Jesus isn’t supreme king
And love isn’t freely given
There was a point in time where
We believed that the sun moved away
From the earth
But truly it was the earth
Moving away from the sun
We are the ones who departed from God
The sad truth is that it was because of our
deeds and actions
That have resulted in us being where we are
These unbelievers
Rather Jesus not comeback
But the shepard
Has not forgotten his flock
That has strayed away from
GOD’S love which endureth forever
Like the fire of the sun
God is the greatest
Let no man rest until he has found God
Let him dye in the wilderness
Like the beast of the field
Let him search day and night
Let him search until the moon
and the stars guides him unto
his father house
And there he shall rest and eat.
Let his heart not be content on thee
Fat of the calf
But on every word of God
For a man that honorth God with his lips
Shall never hunger
And with his heart
He shall never starve
For a man who knowth not himself
Lives in poverty
And he is that poverty
Let a man sell all his possessions
Let a man bury all of his beefs
Let a man rise early in the day
Plant a seed
And let not his hands be idle
For an idle mind is the devil workshop
And idle hands fulfills its duties.
“A man knowth not which will succeed
Whether this or that or both will do equally well.” – Ecclesiastes 11:6

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