One fatal problem with being great…

ONE fatal problem with being great Is when someone realizes how great they are. It makes your greatness perishable. Reflecting on failure is the quality of being great. The conversation is sacred There’s an illusion that there is a scarcity of love. No, there’s a scarcity of people who freely give love and expect nothing in return. Just because you don’t share someone’s sentiment doesn’t make their feelings invalid. BE LIKE WATER, yield when necessary and move without fear. When you reflect a lot, you know how seemingly insignificant things have importance. Reflection makes you more thoughtful about how you treat others, not just how you treat others but how you treat things and you treat yourself. You notice how all things are interconnected. I confess I’ve been socially Deprived and I get by, by talking to myself. I am the patient and therapist. As long as I use my gift to serve others I keep it. Peace, Love, and Kindness. When you truly know yourself you know all things and all things know you. So what is there else to know than to know yourself. People say the Jews killed Christ. CHRIST LAYED DOWN HIS OWN LIFE SO WE CAN WALK IN HIS LIGHT. I know no other God than the one I serve. GOD IS THE GREATEST.

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