Oct. 16, 2019 Everything seeks itself

“Everything seeks itself.” Something we should all know but don’t because we don’t know ourselves.

LOVE seeks Love
HATE seeks hate
INDIFFERENCE seeks indifference

We are creations of love and light
We have strayed away from who we are

Someone told me that life wasn’t going to be easy, but it became easier once I let go of all things that was unlike me.

I had a moment where I realized

I am not my emotions
I am not my thoughts
I am not my body

I was a slave unto these things but I became free once I was able to see them outside myself.

When I observe my emotions
When I observe my thoughts
When I observe my body

I am separated from it and I can exist without it.
I can’t exist without love
Where there is no love
There is no life.

Those who separate themselves from love are like a flower cut from the earth, yes for a moment the color of the petal are their but they slow lose its color its beauty. The flower which was once soft has became soft has now became brittle and dead.

Many are dead and knoweth not for their hearts have harden like stone. There love lives in a cave of darkness with no way out. No way to see what’s 5 feet from them or 500 feet from them, knowing that with every step they could fall into their demise.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” – Psalm 119:105

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