All things serve me Sept. 19, 2019

All things serve me

My fortunes

My misfortunes

The problem

The solution

Things unseen

and seen

All things serve me

I make myself know to all things

and all things make itself know to me

I realize that the broadway is a heavily trotted path

and many have been led astray.

I have nothing but gratitude


because all things serve me

If I limited myself to my flesh

pain is my enemy

pleasure is my friend

but truly pain is my teacher and my friend

pleasure of the flesh is of my enemy and my adversary

All things serve me

Nothing can resist me

Because I hold on to nothing

therefore nothing can be stolen

And if one ask “where are your possessions?”

I’ll say “In heaven, where no man can reach it”

A man can throw a ball further than he can place it

So I cast my cares beyond my capacity to reach it

Like a net that is spread wide to catch all that it can

I spread my hands wide

allow myself to be all that comes to me

Allowing my self to suffer and die

so that I may become like that which has consumed me

for the end is no end at all

but a reunion to the beginning

let my body be off nourishment to those than hunger

and my blood for those that thirst


God is Good

God is Great

Let us thank him

for what’s on my plate

I am nothing without God

With God I am.

– Jon Nothing

All I ask is that you pray

Not to quench the fire

but the fire may purify

that which is unclean

and yet not burn you

When God brings you unto himself

he will draw you away from the fire

but closer to it

God loves broken men

Like a potter loves a broken vase

Like a clocksmith loves a broken clock

Like a musician loves a broken instrument

God loves makes use whole

but when a doctor operations on a patient

one of the things the doctor needs the most from the patient

is patience.

The more we try to fix things ourselves

the more repairs God is going to have do on us

but if we are patient and faithful

God will delivers and make us whole

and we will no longer suffer with the things of this world

for we have been fully delivered and set free

in Jesus mighty name.


When a bacteria enters the body the good parts of you works to fight off the bad. If the good parts stop fighting, the body become sick.

Some people have became sick from not fighting the bad parts within themselves.

We are all enduring some type of inner war and if you are still here you have won many battles, I pray you keep fighting.

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