September 1, 2019 Sunday

When things get too heavy, you learn to let go.

Observe God being God

Every is in harmony and nothing is dead.

When a tree is fully grown

It’s to be hewed down

When a fruit fully develops

It departs from that which it came

And returns again in a new form

Be in no rush to be the tree that is chopped down

Or the fruit that departs from the vine

For if theirs was eternal life in those things

Nothing new would come after it

At tree rises to fall

Great is that fall

For you knoweth not the day nor the hour

Nothing can come into being of its own

If you abandon the will of the father

You’ve lost the father

Love that which is true and righteous

When you eat, you eat to feel nothing

You work throughout the day

Until you sleep and when you sleep you feel nothing

You quench your thirst to feel nothing water taste like nothing

Nothing is the goal, yet it is also the starting point

Your purpose is this world is something you wish to accomplish between birth and death

So it timed and precise

You live to see it accomplished

Or it dies with you as a dream

Silence must be death

Stillness must be death

Being alone must be death

As long as you abides in God’s love

You are live

Dead things consume that which is dead

When your are truly alive breathe deeply

Be still

Be silent

Be alone

Give all your awareness to the life inside of you

The one within

That needs no food

No water


But you

That stream of eternal life that flows through you

God knows those pastures

Because he dwells there

He remembers those who where thirst and came and drank

And he did not prevent them

He remembers those who where hungry and allow them to eat

And he prevent them not

Even though they didn’t own the fields which they were

Love the creator

And and all creation will adore you.

Observe what’s right

Then you’ll know what’s right

When you know what’s right

You’ll love what right

When you love what’s right

You’ll do what’s right

When you do what’s right

You’ll be right

And others will come far and wide

To observe you and see your light

There’s a beauty in one who has let go of the things of this world for they rest truly in God’s hands

And to let go they are like a kid who stands in the trees and jumps into the hands of their father who catches them.

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