August 24, 2019 Saturday


The sun knowth not the darkness

but see the light in all things

the one to dwellth in the tower

can see the people and the city

all its know to that which is above all

the journey of a thousand men

beginning with one step

what we seek can be found in a coffin

all things dead seek that which is dead

the dead seek rest

the living seek to be awake

those who sleep are dead

and those who are awake don’t sleep

when the man reach the summit

and the sun rise above the clouds

and water reach the ground

there will be much to see

for many things are in motion

not from its own doing

but from the likeness of that which is not still

poor is not the man who can’t see

but poor is the man who sees yet he is blind

the ashes of many lie awake

and yet the wait

to rise

to be known by the sun

the people search all through out the earth

to find something that lies within themselves

carry your cross and follow the one

who knows all and is known by all

and all is one and one is all.

Those who are nothing become someone

and those who are someone become nothing.

The son knows his people

but as the son grew the people

did not know their son

for the sun descend and has risen again

but the people slumber and knew not.

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