Killing the inner beta male

One must to evolve to an alpha male


Kill the inner beta male

Some of the qualities of a beta males

  • the need to be nice and submissive toward women
  • on seeks self development to impress women
  • afraid or too weak to correct or lead a woman
  • suppress or avoid showing masculine traits.
  • can’t critics or demand respect from woman

Why the beta must die and you must kill him?

The beta male is not just born of woman

but has allow themselves to become a woman themselves

Beta males wants to be like women, that’s why they share their traits.
A man is meant to give the best of himself to his purpose and a women is meant to give the best of themselves to a man.

A weak beta male will settle for a women when she is in her worst state: aged with children and more than likely living off of another man which could be her baby daddy, the government, or even some corporation that funds her lifestyle that, that beta male will so be doing.

What a beta male fail to realize is that women will hate him for becoming like them.  

The beta man usually come from single moms who create a incubator for their feminine nature. The mother can’t overcome their own feminine energy because she one with her feminine nature and the son becomes just like the mother, lack any control over their feminine energy.

Beta males are men who have became weak due to the underdevelopment of their masculinity. Some beta males are delusional about what it means to be man or simply have no clue, because they lack a father to symbolize a man to them. One of the delusions beta males have about being a man or an alpha male is expressing their problems/desires to a woman.

This is a false sense of masculinity, you can see this in men who have no control over their emotions which leads to explosive behavior. Women naturally submit to a alpha man, but beta males who are pseudo alpha have to go to extremes to get a women to obey them, that behavior is not alpha. This is actually the opposite of true masculinity.

When beta males are in a situation they don’t understand what’s going on they act on whatever make sense in the moment and freestyle it. They constantly yield to do whatever a women wants believing what she says. When alpha males are in a situation where they don’t know what’s going on, they pause and observe to seek understand, then delegate or execute a plan after evaluation.

Weak beta males often find themselves being lead by their emotions. Also weak beta males believe that women are meant to like and be loyal them because they have looks, money or status.  They put the fruit before the branch. First you develop the branch to be strong then the fruit will bear. If the beta male develop his masculinity to be strong as a branch on a aged tree, he’ll have no problem bearing fruit.

A man must first know who he is and have loyalty to developing himself first. Also to never put a women before his purpose and his duties. A woman shouldn’t be the one you build your life around, she’s supposed to build her life around you. Betas makes women their greatest weakness and strength.

Beta males have no interest in building anything, they look for a ready made woman who can replace their mother, same as how women want men who can replace their father.

these beta males look for women who are ready to sleep, cook, and clean for them and after she’s done all that he wants to tell her all his problems and the things he didn’t like. Then afterward he wants her to find him to be the most attractive man and boost his ego. Women serves the beta male weakness while helping build the alpha man’s strengthens.

Weak beta males don’t know how to handle women because they had no control over their feminine nature. Once a man obtains mastery and dominance over his feminine nature through the divine masculine he’ll no longer be a slave to his emotions which is of the feminine nature.

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