August 19, 2019


Attention is a high commodity

Be great at being yourself

Compare yourself to no one

Allow yourself to grow alone

There is no scarcity of love

Have graditude even when you lack understanding.

STOP giving up before finding the solution, otherwise you’ll like to run into the problem again

Life is difficult as is, don’t make it more difficult for yourself and others

Be present, stop worrying about things outside of this moment.

Let go of the things that don’t serve you

Let love be love

Lying is not a good solution to a problem, it only creates more problems.

– Need nothing

want nothing

envy no one

Everything dissolve to nothing

Forgive & let go

Trust God

Pray & relax


Stop judging others and yourself

STOP looking for God in all the wrong places

Be humble

Wait and be patience

Listen to the trees

Take a morning walk

Eat clean


LISTEN to your body

Someone’s already done & been that

So be who you are

Know God

Know yourself

Know truth

Know love

Know how to yield

Know how to stand strong

Know how to forgive

Know how to pray

Know how to let go

Know how to stay

Know how to be still and wait

No one needs you as badly as you need yourself

No one loves you more than God

Don’t neglect rest

Don’t live absent of pray

Don’t withhold forgiveness

Don’t be too busy to acknowledge others

Don’t feel responsible for how other people feel

People love those who loves themselves

Embrace change

Never be so interested other people’s lives that you forget about your own.

YES, they are trying their best.

Things change eventually so stop being so bummed out about where things are

You never know what positive act or words you my share that make cause someone to walk away saying “Thank you, I needed that.”

Be thoughtful

Be generous

Be sincere

Be earnest

Respect boundaries

Deny no one love

Deny no one peace

GOD made us to be beings of love

So love

Come to God empty and he’ll fill you up

Come to God full and he’ll send you away

For he that have, need nothing

And he that need nothing, have.

Don’t sleep until you forgiven all that have hurt you and seek forgiveness from whomever harmed you.

Wake with joy and rejoice, For God has made this day and let’s be glad in it for the sun of the world has rising.


Give without expecting anything in return

Nothing you can lose in this world that is worth repaying with evil.

Let go:

  • Hatred
  • Envy
  • Lust
  • Revenge
  • Jealousy

Repay the evil with good

Let your light shine so bright before men

No one who go against God has life nor know God

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