August 18, 2019

Who hears the listener?

Who finds the seeker?

Or remember those who were forgotten?

Who are you when you are still, silent, and thoughtless?

Prepare for the world to come

where there will be nobody

everyone one is light

everyone vibrations synchronize

and there is no disharmony

All things fades back to its true origin

the light of the world has no beginning

the sound of the darkness

are the same as the light

brief is the the journey of those who travel alone

for they destination is near

the heart of the sun

beats them down to the dust

bring the king and all his royals

the lost souls of the forgotten has no home

come all send the merchant his gold

let builder, build.

for all shall turn to asunder

let those who rise in the summer

fall in the winter

let the population of the wicked


for man shall fall in the space between heaven and earth

the measurable and the immeasurable

the king carries the weight of the poor

while the poor is burden with the weight of the king

single them out

call them by name

the fallen will see the sun again

let the birds sing

let the wolves howl

for they call him by name

let the charity of a few be known by many

let the soul of the awaken defy the thoughts of many

let the praise of a few be heard by many

let the promise of the king be met by the will of the people

send the angels down from heaven and the world will be redeem

made in heaven

sent to earth

birth in the heart of man

the golden city

awaits them

Hear my prayer Oh God

that they shall know no evil

and love nothing that is wicked and not of you

that I make share in your glory

and sing praise to your name

cleanse me Oh lord make me whole

you know my heart

you know all that is and will ever be

let them see you

and their drunkenness fade

for the sober thoughts

treads on the minds

of the righteous

for the wicked have no regard of the truth


Strings of red and white straps styles of ribbon

Of my best days

I get a sense of peace

Things don’t get easier

You just it better

Life challenges people to grow

little ones who loves him so

find the truth in themselves

love precariously

immeasurable love

from dawn to dust I wake up

to see my trophies rust

my mind combust

with thoughts of lust

learning to trust

Look at the men coming from far

resting the naval ship

singing songs of praise

look at the children stare

hearts of no contempt

rowing a thousands ship

creating the first fusion

of the generations

this was the beginning

of the last men

to walk across the river

of troubling waters

lets bring ourselves

together to observe

truth and love

seeking the liberty

of our souls

brave are few

embrace the journey of a thousand miles

march at the beat of thousand drums

bless with few

send them all to the throne

and behold the one who observes all

intertwine with love and adoration

those who observe the law in their hearts

who hearken unto the will of God

everlasting joy

everlasting peace

those who dwell in the darkness

descend to the world below

places of tall pillars of rocks

and treachery

teething at the naval of ministers

long awaited

to see their faces

Wait, wait on the Lord.

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