The objective life: Overcome the limitations of man

I firmly believe that the every man should seek to overcome his own weakness and limitations. Overcoming the limitations of this world involves overcoming his mother. When a man enters this journey of life he will find himself encountering obstacles that he must overcome for his survival. For a man purpose on this earth is to overcome the world, which is of himself.

God has gift man with all that is necessary to overcome himself. For the spiritual man, God has given him power over himself, to overcome himself which means to overcome the world. Why would a loving God subject us to struggles that we can’t overcome? When we find ourselves with our backs against the wall, God will always provide away out.

A man must find himself for he who knowth not himself, can’t be a victor in life.

In birth, a man is separated from his mother, this is the first division. As a man age he’ll discover this feminine energy within himself, a woman within himself, this woman within himself is his mother. As babies we cast our problems upon our mother. If I hunger, I cry out to my mother. If I am hot, I cry out to my mother. A man who has overcome the world has overcame his mother. This is the second division where man will find himself have dominion over his feminine nature.

The truth of being a man is being able to resist his feminine nature. The God in man operates as the observer of his emotions. When a spiritual man separates from his feminine nature, he’ll sustain himself in God, being like a tree planted by near water or like a stone.

A woman can identify a man by looking for the qualities that are unlike herself. A woman can’t resist herself and a man who can’t resist her is just as weak as her. A woman knows if you are man if she can’t see the women in you. A man must subdue his feminine nature. A man relationship with his feminine nature is a identical reflection of the relationship with his mother.

When man overcomes his feminine nature and connects to the divine masculinity in himself, he has overcome the world, for the world is his body. Once a man has give up his body he has given up the world. For one can only experience themselves. In order for one to resist his flesh, one has to be separate from it, but if one identify himself through flesh, then how can he resist it?

The two relationship that matters above all is firstly a relationship with God and a relationship with himself. One who identify himself in God can see himself separate from the world and can see the world for what it is. Once one see the world for what it is, he’ll discover that the world is a corpse. He’ll be dead to the world and the world would be dead to him. A term that is commonly used amougst the youth is “That’s dead”. For the the flesh is of the world and subjected to the will of the world, but any many born again and loves God will deny doing the will of the flesh but the will of God. A man of God can lose the world without losing himself. Jesus die on the cross, dying to this world, yet he lives.

Resting in God is death to this world, living in the flesh is death to God. When the bible says “Nothing can separate us from the love of God” If love was a fire, then the coldness we feel in our heart is the feeling of separateness from God. We know in our hearts that nothing we can do that can make us any less loved by God, yet we focus so much on how sinful we are and not how good God is. Jesus faced our sin nature so that we can see God’s nature. There’s nothing that we can do that can make us anymore worth of God’s love. If we falsely believe that our works/sacrifices makes us worthy then we nullify Jesus dying on the cross.

God’s love is perfect, nothing more than we can do that can add to that. But how can we know God’s love? We must realize God’s love within ourselves.

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