Black Pill Ideology

Lets discuss black pill and why is it so popular amougst millennial’s and how its changing the current state of affairs.

Let’s first looking to what black pill is and what is made of?

Black pill thinkers are typically Incels which by social definition are called men who are involuntary celibate. For women even the ones who have a low sexual market value still are able to obtain sex from men and it’s not always guys who fall under the category of lames and ugly guys.

For men our journey toward having a causal or exclusive relationships with women requires us to establish some sort of value to the opposite sex. Whether through money, status, looks or even having “game”. The burden of showing value is typically on the shoulder’s of men while the women typically are seen as being the one’s who’s value is presumed. If the ship is sinking, save the women and children and let the men die. This noble act, is in lineament with the belief that you never questions a women’s value because of the fact that she can bring you children and take care of those children that she bring into the world as if men can’t.

People aren’t getting married and having children at the rate that we once were, which stems from women having options. She don’t need a man to provide the same resources that was limited to men, if she did work it wasn’t to the same capacity as men and surely didn’t bring the same amount of income as men. The reality is that men are producers, women are consumers, that’s the way its always been.

However, we live in a time where women can work for themselves, having their own career instead helping an man in his own. They have their own means of living without the assistance of a man to be provider. The lines between what is a man’s job and a woman’s jobs have blurred. The power of being able to be in the driver seat having the full-control of their lives have lead women to feeling that they don’t need a man at all. Even though we know that that’s not true, its impossible. Many women have became so intoxicated with their power that was given to them, that they fill entitled to it. As it has been said, “with great power, come great responsibility” The problem with women empowerment is that they desire the power without the responsibility and when the men who gave these women power try to hold them accountable and fail, its their fault.

When she’s had her fun and its times to find some stability, she can’t. She needs a man who can save her from herself and that which she’s created. The men that once wanted her, no longer wants her and now its time her to spread her fingers and legs wide as she can and make the biggest money grab that she can. When she can’t takes away a man’s power, they’ll settle for his wallet. She can’t find peace in herself, she hopes that if she gives up her body as a down payment for a marriage then she’ll be a wife, a mother and the only way she’ll be a single mother is if she becomes a widow.

If you know about the black widow spider they eat their babies. A women who has no man to provider herself, will deplete and drain their children that they created. It can be seen in the black community an epidemic of fatherless children, stepdad a.k.a the government steps in and provide the means for these mothers to survive off the back of a broken and corrupted system. She takes the gamble of having sex with a broke man because if he doesn’t take care of his child the government will. Without the government singles mothers wouldn’t exist, unless they was widows. What’s a sensible move for women of today was irrational for a woman a century ago.

We are all pawn in a chess game, therefore to survive must sacrifice our own pieces.

Due to state of affairs where women hold the power to chose who gets laid and who doesn’t the men of the black pill finds themselves on the crappy end of the stick. I’ve said that women can provide for themselves, but they don’t want to. Even women who makes significantly more than the men they sleep with, they have no interest in exchanging roles, being the provider for a man and her children. They still wish to have alpha man who takes on the burden of providing for her and her family. Her money is hers and yours is hers. Even though they have the safety net of the biggest simp of them all, the government taking care of her. She knows that the government is limited and can only do so much to level the play field to make women equal to men that she must seek out a man to for certain things she can’t provide for herself.

This all falls in Black Pill ideology because the boys these women birth become feminine and weak, lacking able to correct, check or get respect from a women which they answer to. What these men fail to understand is that women don’t raise the men that they would want to sleep with, marry or date. These women raise weak boys because their easier to control, but they have no desire to be lead by them.

Women want the men that can tell her “No”, simply women want men who can resist her. If you can’t resist her and you the man submit to her, both you and her will find yourself in destructs. When you find yourself in destruct with a women, she will blame you for it. One may have himself trying to do that which is right by being faithful to the woman he loves, failing to understand that she not loyal to you, she loyal to her best options. And if you find yourself to be her best option then congratulations you postpone her cheating or sabotaging the relationship for an excuse to brake-up with you.

One of the biggest problem with feminine men is that women don’t want you to be like them. They don’t want you to abandon you responsibilities or use her for an emotional punching bag, leaving her beating and bruised because of all the frustration. When she sees the women in you, which is your mother, she’ll leave to be with your mother because she doesn’t want to compete to be the woman in your life. You can’t fight fire with fire. The only solution is develop your divine masculine self and accepting the truth about the world you live in and specifically women.

Just know, she’ll never love you as much as you love her. A woman’s love is reflected in her willingness to obey and submit. If she doesn’t she don’t have any respect for you, you are disposable to her. Once she is done using you, she’ll become unbearable. Women love to give men a false sense that they can make her happy. She’ll laugh at your jokes, she’ll make herself available to you so that she can become available to that which you possess. She wants you for that which she can’t obtain on her own. Her love is vain and shallow. She has the ability to make herself delusional about you. She’s not in love with you, she in love with what you can do for her. See, the red pill for women is hitting the wall when her looks fade and she struggles to provide for herself and her dependents.

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