August 05, 2019

One of my goals for the year 2019 going into 2020 is starting my own 24/7 live stream with the different shows both live and prerecorded. I think the future of online entertainment is in live streaming shows and live streaming networks. Its already happening but I believe that live shows will replace people’s interest in videos that aren’t live. Its something about live videos that makes the videos watching experience better with the live chat and do to it limitation people choosing what to and what to watch. For example compilation videos are really popular, it brings together videos that people have interest in and turning a 30 second video of one clip that someone may like and expanding it to a 10 min videos of several videos.

Growing up I remember seeing a show called AFV (Americas Funny videos) It was people putting together a compilation of funny videos with a studio audience reacting to the homemade videos. I imagine if someone where to live-stream a compilation video, it could do relatively well and if someone where to reaction to the compilation video its could do even better.

One thing I’ve been working on doing is making videos based off of things that I’m already doing, or even create a series around what I was already doing. Currently I been doing Lyft and I’ve been recording me drive. It make seem relatively boring but I can see it working out for me in three ways. First, gets me in the habit of consistently uploading to my YouTube channel. Secondly, there’s people out there who would watch driving videos, especially in a city that never been in that they would want to go. Thirdly and lastly, my driving videos are great b-roll footage that I could incorporate in future videos. Sometimes I like to do my drive and talk, where I would talk about different topics as I am driving.

I don’t know if the variety of different content that’ll upload would preform well, but as long as I enjoy what I am do and happy with the the results of what I create, I’ll be OK. My goal is to upload as much as a I can, considering there is no limit to how much I could upload, I can just let the people decide what is and isn’t worth watching. I try to make videos that I would like and watch, beyond that I can’t try building a channel around content I don’t have an interest in. In the beginning I had build my channel around reaction videos, but it became draining and I lost my appeal to it, despite the views being high and my channel growing. I did reactions videos based off of what I saw on YouTube, I was just following a successful model and was achieving some level of success. I am considering getting back into the reaction game but I am unsure about it though.

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